Tree top adventure facilities are a unique  outdoor experience, placing visitors from 3 to 45 feet (1-15 meters) or more above the forest floor into the canopy. The outdoor adventures attract urban, suburban and rural visitors away from their typical busy life to experience nature, literally from a different perspective. They challenge their fears and test their agility amongst one of the Nation's greatest assets, preserved wooded parks and the natural landscape. 

The current model of a tree top adventure park includes both an educational experience for overcoming obstacles and an increasingly refined approach to include all members and age groups of the community. 

A tree top adventure course is for everyone at some level but it is truly best with family, friends and co-workers. We target and encourage visitors with the following qualities and bring the highest standard of course construction so that our visitors...

  •  Enjoy the outdoors and appreciate a natural setting
  •  Develop an interest in a sustainable environment and lifestyle
  •  Eat healthy, organic and sustainable foods and be conscientious of nutritional value and food quality for all to increase energy levels, sustain mental acuteness and build metabolism
  • Take photos and share information about outdoor experiences and recreation, using social networking, like Facebook and Instagram
  • Enjoy all ranges of physical exercise and given the opportunity, short bursts of extreme challenges to steadily increase physical strength and agility.
  • Take a moment to enjoy the view and to read a description of the surrounding flora and fauna.
  • Contribute to the preservation and sustainability of Parklands