Modern High Ropes Course Designs

The Kristallturm has been designed by the German company "KristallTurm" and serves as the perfect example for a contemporary urban climbing structure. This system meets the challenges of almost any location in terms of space, environmental, design, and safety matters. The highest quality materials for basic construction are used; such as galvanized steel and state of the art safety equipment.  It excels in the following points:

  • Space Requirement
  • Custom Design
  • Safety
  • Participation Rate
  • Expansion Possibilities


Unique Design

Basic layouts feature modular steal systems in combination with wooden elements and platforms. According to the location and regional references themed climbing elements and objects can be designed and incorporated into the structure. 

Small Footprint

The base requirement for the structure is only around 100 ft x 90 ft (32m x 28m). Different “levels” are then stacked on top of each other. In that way climbing structures can reach a maximum height of about 70 ft.


By using state of the art safety equipment, a level of maximum safety is achieved. In addition, there is professional training for all staff and zero risk of falling branches or rotting trees like there would be in a forest ropes course.


 Customer Group

Participants include children, teenagers and adults of all age groups. Different levels of difficulty attract experts as well as novice climbers.  Corporate groups and school classes can use the facilities for teambuilding and other events.


 Add-On Elements

 The following features can be added to an existing structure:



Ropes Course Animation - Kristallturm